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CUB – Case Study

CUB is a private members club that unites Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders.  CUB offers it’s members the ultimate business network, a community of proven entrepreneurs and business leaders with world-changing ambition.

CUB’s private member’s get access to their clubhouses, the perfect place to connect with other members, work or relax in luxury and privacy as well as exclusive access to intimate gatherings and events where they can create alliances with heads of industry and other proven entrepreneurs.


CUB approached Hublinked to help establish better engagement and an increased conversion rate through Linkedin. CUB had a goal to connect and nurture quality leads that would fit their Ideal Client Persona.

For a product ranging at approximately 7K ex GST per year, LinkedIn was the perfect place to create awareness around their personal brand and company services, while building authority and an influential reputation amongst leaders in a variety of industries.



Optimise the profiles to reflect the company reputation.


Create a summary of the Ideal Client.


Connect and engage with the Ideal Clients, through personalised messaging.


Arrange meetings on CUB's behalf to complete the sales cycle.


Provide reporting every month detailing all new connections, warm leads and conversions.

Final Result

  • Hublinked was able to deliver 20 to 30 quality meetings per month through the LinkedIn strategy and our personalised messaging.
  • Each month, Hublinked was able to convert approximately 4 clients to become new members at CUB. Each at a conversion profit of around $7K ex GST.

We consistently receive an ROI on Hublinked’s service. With a product priced @ $7,000.00 Ex GST and a sales cycle averaging 7-10 days, It’s a fantastic service and justifies the investment.

Anthony Mullane

Co-Founder, CUB

Brynn and the team at Hublinked have continuously delivered us great return on investment and great communication.

Daniel Hakim

Co-Founder & CEO, CUB

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